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Archester Young's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography

Archester Young was born in Florence, Mississippi on October 10th, 1913...He was born just a few decades after slavery had been abolished in the United States and there was still great predjudice and racisim at the time. There was never any signs that he may have known or even met his grandfather. Nor was there much discussion about his own father. Without a doubt Archester worked very hard and long with his brothers to support the family. This was about the time of the Depression, in those times there were not many orginizations that helped the poor, however he talked of those times fondlly because much of the character building that took place happened during those times. He loved playing baseball and played semi-pro Negro League Baseball. Archester Young was popular around the small gulf towns of Mississippi and was drafted into the United States Army where he served as a cook. Upon his completion of military service he went to work in a hospital dubbed Sanatorium...There he worked with his brother Issac and met his future wife Emma Meyers. Together they worked toward the goal of leaving the South and going to the North. It was a big task that lay ahead, and they met the challenge with enthusiasim and determination. Going North meant New York, and at the time not many were as supportive as they were excited.

Once reaching their goal they were quick to find work and become members of the social scene.The New York social scene was intimidating for two people from a small Southern town, however Archester and his brother Issac enjoyed great popularity and respect from their peers. My father worked for the Pennsylvania Rail Road for a period of time and one of the perks were discounted travel fare for his family... So we got to see family often.

Archester saw many changes and challenges in his life... My father saw some horrid things that mankind inflicted upon itself and hoped for a better life for his son. Archester Young was a man who realized a dream...A dream that he opened the door to and found a new life. A life that touched many. At the time of his continuation he was survived by his wife Emma and his son Archester. Missed but never to be forgotten and loved eternally, God has called him to his side. We say in gratitude thank you for being here.